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Parents’ Night Out (PNO)

Parents! Here are the upcoming dates for PNO:
Spring 2017

Friday, April 7th 6pm-10pm

Parents’ Night Out (PNO) serves a couple of purposes. First and foremost, it is a service to the parents in the Greater Lafayette area. Students facilitate this program twice a semester for the children that includes crafts, music, games, story time, snacks and a kid friendly movie. This gives parents four hours to enjoy some well-deserved time alone to go out on a date, get some Christmas shopping done, hang out with friends or anything else they care to do. Secondly it serves as a major part of our annual missions goal, since we accept donations as parents return to collect their kids. The money is not a requirement but parents may donate if they wish. All of this money goes to support student mission trips.

Quotes from parents:

“Parents Night Out is truly for any parent. As the single mother of a child with special needs, any hesitation I had vanished

instantly due to the warm reception my daughter received and the thoughtful questions I was asked to prepare for her participation. It’s an evening we both look forward to, and I’m grateful that it exists.”


I am a single mother of three and have enjoyed every opportunity for the kids to attend the Parent’s Night Out! Knowing my children are in a safe loving environment and that they are making wonderful connections to other believers in Christ and having great role models in the students and leaders is very rewarding.



“We love it–our kids look  forward to it every time.  Thanks for providing a safe loving fun environment– while helping strengthen marriages in the community!  What a blessing!”

-Mark & Melissa Bell


PCM Members, for the safety of the children we will be watching, in order for you to participate in PNO, we require a background check. You can get the background check from Ben and needs to be handed in a by Tuesday before the PNO to get it process. Once it is processed and approved then you will be able to help at PNO.