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This is the Purdue  Collegiate Ministry (PCM) statement of beliefs.  This is the biblical foundation of beliefs that is taught at the PCM. We have students from many different backgrounds and everyone is welcome to join us.  This organization has been at Purdue since 1962 and has previously been know as the Baptist Collegiate Ministry and the Baptist Student Union. In other states this organization is called  Baptist Collegiate Ministry,  Baptist Student Union, Baptist Student Ministries and some other names. We are supported and sponsored by Southern Baptist Churches (SBC).  You do not have to be Baptist to be a part of us.  If you have any questions about these beliefs please let us know.

The Bible

The Bible is without error because it was given to us by God through the writings of men. It is relevant to us today because we believe it was written to be applicable throughout time. Each of us is responsible for reading and applying it to our daily lives.


He is the one and only everlasting Supreme Being. He has always been and will always be. He is the creator of all things. He exists in three personalities—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—yet He is only one God. We call this the Trinity. God is all knowing, all powerful, perfect and deserves our praise and adoration.


He is God’s one and only son who was sent to earth from Heaven to live a perfect life but to die as a sacrifice for the sin of all people. He fulfilled the prophecy of His coming and He also fulfilled what He said he would do by raising on the third day after dying a brutal death. He returned to heaven and will return to earth for the second coming.

The Holy Spirit

The Spirit enters our life at the point of salvation. The Spirit guides and directs us in our everyday lives.


People are a creation of God in His image. Because of the sins of humanity we have been separated from God and all have sinned. Without Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection we all would spend eternity in hell.


Jesus Christ is the one and only way to heaven. His death paid the price for our sins so that we were cleansed of all our sins. We have done nothing to deserve eternity in Heaven but God chose to love and forgive us of our sins.

The Church

The church is a body of believers including all generations—not just one. This is why we promote the local churches and believe that the PCM is not a church but an arm of the local church. It is important for us to worship together and encourage one another while reaching out to the world.


Jesus called all to go and spread the good news. Some will spend their life in a foreign land telling others, some will have a full-time vocation in ministry, and others will share right where they are. We are all to spread His good news wherever God has called you.